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Painting your roof is a great way to add value to your home. We are highly skilled roof restorers who have the ability to coat any type of roof:

colorbond, concrete, asbestos, tile, terracotta, fibre tile and metal. So for all your roofing requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us, because you cannot go wrong with a 10 year written warranty on all our work.


With over 10 years of experience, the AE Modern Painting team are the Roof Painting Melbourne experts that you simply can trust to urge the work done right the primary time. Our house roof painting Melbourne will assist you rejuvenate your roof, ensuring it continues to guard your family whilst adding value by improving your home’s street appeal.

We Are the Roof Painting Melbourne Experts

Have you checked on the condition of your roof lately? If so, you would possibly have noticed it fading or being outdated. this is often not uncommon, especially amongst houses and businesses within the Melbourne area. Harsh sunlight and weather can easily degrade your roof paint, particularly if it’s not applied correctly. If you’ve noticed a drag, like most of the people, you almost certainly jumped online and begun checking out, ‘Roof Painting Melbourne ‘or ‘Roof Painters Melbourne. Fortunately, our team at AE Modern Painting offer a good range of roof painting solutions, so you’ll stop your search with AE Modern Painting!

The AE Modern Painting team has over 10 years’ experience when it involves roof painting Melbourne, so we all know what works. We pride oneself in each of our jobs and prepare every roof meticulously before painting. Backed by our experience, we select the best and most durable paints in order that your roof gains an immaculate finish. Whether you’re preparing your home purchasable, or would simply wish to provides it a facelift, the team at AE Modern Painting have what you would like. A roof painting Melbourne service from our experts will do the work while reinforcing the required protection.

What Is Our Roof Painting Sydney Process?

If you don’t know very much about painting a roof, you may assume it just involves cracking open a tin of paint, grabbing a brush and going for it. But there is actually far more involved in painting a roof than just the painting part. So beware of people who quote very low prices, as you may—literally—just be getting a coat of paint!

Cleaning your roof

Before we can paint your roof, we will need to clean it with a high-pressure machine. Much like when you repaint the interior walls of your house or a piece of furniture, you always clean the surfaces first (and even do some light sanding) to ensure the best results. The same principle applies to roof painting. There’s no point in painting a roof if it isn’t clean first.

Repairing your roof

Sometimes you may have cracked or broken tiles on your roof—or other damage to your roof—that should be fixed before painting. After all, there’s not much point trying to make your roof look new by painting it, but ignoring damage. If you’re going to paint, you may as well fix your roof too and do it all in one go.

Painting your roof

We don’t just use paint on your roof, we use the best roof coating product on the market, the Dulux Acra-tex Roof Membrane. It is of the highest quality and is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Why Choose AE Modern Painting For Your Roofing Painting Service?


We offer superior Roof painting products to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality roof painting service on the Melbourne.


As highly skilled and fully equipped roof painters, we can perform all aspects of roof painting and restorations.


Our client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction; we have a highly skilled team of professional painters, fully equipped with all the tools of the trade and can offer very reasonable prices.

Our Commercial Painting Service Include:

Bodycorps, Real Estate, Schools and Childcare Centres, Commercial Offices, Retail Spaces, Commercial and Industrial Premises.

A quality outcome need not be expensive. Our painting services provide cost effective long lasting solutions for your commercial painting project.

We provide high quality Painting services at reasonable prices.

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