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AE Modern Painting, our industrial painters understand that industrial sites often require a heavy-duty paint job. Unlike commercial and residential buildings, industrial sites are frequently exposed to unique ailments which will cause paint to chip and stain easily. to not mention, many industrial buildings use different construction techniques that need specialised paint or priming methods so as to make sure the paint will last.

At AE Modern Painting can assist you achieve the simplest painting solutions for your industrial property, warehouse, cold storage building, manufacturing building and more. no matter the dimensions, scale or complexity of the property, we back ourselves to deliver you tailored painting solutions within your budget and timeline. ‘With Our Utmost Professionalism And Tireless Dedication; We Make It some extent To Surpass All Our Client’s Expectations. And, if you select us as our industrial painters serving throughout Melbourne; we promise to try to an equivalent for you.

Some of the economic painting services we provide include:


We keep safety as our top priority. As soon as you contact us, we’ll send our Melbourne industrial Painters to your site, conduct an inspection, discuss the project timelines and therefore the cost. we’ve a good selection of paints and coating materials that are specifically designed for industrial sites. After finalising the dates, our industrial painters will reach your site to supply a quick and clean paint job, which can be less invasive to your property. We are capable of working in several industrial situations which can include challenging access to interiors and high-rise exteriors. Our crews use a good range of air-lift platforms to access different areas within your facility and complete the work safely and adequately.

Enhance and Protect the Charm of Your Building with Professional Paint Job:

Since our industrial sites encounter heavy-duty projects in warehouses, factories- the property owners need a paint job that’s resilient and may fight day-to-day pollution around to guard the shine of the building. Hence, we use high quality paints and primers to maximise your investment. Our industrial painting experts in Melbourne, Victoria offer fast and efficient services with less turnaround leaving your site looking clean and clutter-free.

Our Painting Materials: -

In addition to our quality equipment and tried and tested approach, we also use a good sort of quality industrial-grade painting materials. Our experts hand-pick them with the intent of increased project lifespan and cost-effectiveness. We always strive to supply you Full-Value-For-Money, and it’s why most of our clients respect us such a lot.

We offer you the latest-generation of commercial coating, namely: -

Our Commercial Painting Service Include:

Bodycorps, Real Estate, Schools and Childcare Centres, Commercial Offices, Retail Spaces, Commercial and Industrial Premises.

A quality outcome need not be expensive. Our painting services provide cost effective long lasting solutions for your commercial painting project.

We provide high quality Painting services at reasonable prices.

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